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Key Biographies

William Moorhouse 1843

Baldisaro Porri 1803

Blessed Porro

Harry Speight 1855

F G Moorhouse 1910

Francis Moorhouse 1889

William Edward Moorhouse 1887

Thomas Leo Moorhouse 1884

Joseph Moorhouse 1881

Baldisaro Moorhouse 1877

Charles Moorhouse 1875

James Ellison Moorhouse 1874

Angiolina Moorhouse 1852

Samuel Moorhouse 1845

William Moorhouse 1843

Thomas Moorhouse 1841

Edward Moorhouse 1839

James E Moorhouse 1837

John Haggas Moorhouse 1835

Thomas Moorhouse 1809

John Moorhouse 1809

Martha Moorhouse 1805

Anne Haggas 1804

Baldisaro Porri 1803

Alice Moorhouse 1802

Mary Moorhouse 1797

John Moorhouse 1794

Ellen Bolton 1791

Thomas Moorhouse 1775

Alice Moorhouse 1766

John Moorhouse 1762

John Moorhouse 1729

Thomas Moorhouse 1689

John Moorhouse 1650

Thomas Moorhouse 1607

Edward Moorhouse 1586

John Moorhouse ~1560

Thomas Moorhouse d1538


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