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The Moorhouse family has lived in the Skipton Area since the early 1500s.

The Skipton Area map will show you the locations of our Landlords, our Farms and our Burial places.

The Places Album shows these locations in more detail and then the remaining links give you written information about how each of these locations is relevant to the Moorhouses.

Unravelling the past is like a jigsaw.  Each grave, each visit to a farm previously rented by an ancester, and each visit I've made to see historic records, such as at the Tempest Estate and Bolton Abbey Estate, results in a more complete picture.

We are the sum of our ancesters and experience.

To see an enlargement of any photograph click on the picture.  The highlighted links will also give you pictures, just close the temporary window afterwards to continue on the page.


Moorhouse History, Moorhouses Jam, Moorhouses Opticians
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Felicity Jane Mount (née Moorhouse)