John Moorhouse was born in 1762 the first son of John Moorhouse (1729-1807) and Ellen.  Ellen Harrison originally lived at Brown House Farm which later became a Moorhouse farm.

He married Alice Marshall in about 1790 and they had six children, two boys and four girls.

Alice Marshall originally came from Small House Farm, which John later rented from the Tempest estate.

Financially the family did very well.  John was paying property tax to his landlord in 1809, which he would have collected it for the government.

According to the local author and historian Harry Speight in "Upper Wharfedale" the family were renting three large farms from the Tempests.  As far as I have been able to verify the family were living in Brown House Farm and they were renting land in 1817 to the value of 100 pounds from The Tempest Estate, and Small House farm in 1830.

John's son Thomas was renting Hesliker farm [now called Heslaker on Modern maps] in 1830. 

To see the locations of all the farms go to Places/Skipton Area Map.

John together with his brother Thomas [1775 to 1863] paid tithes, over many years, to The Bolton Abbey Estate of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.
The family did not fare well with their health and three of John's and Alice's daughters (Ellen, Mary and Alice) died within a month of each other in May 1815. They all died of typhus fever caught from Ellen's husband who was a cotton manufacturer.  They are all buried at All Saints church at Broughton-with-Elslack in three separate graves.  For more details of the church and inscriptions go to Places/All Saints Church.
Their elder son John also died young at 28 and the youngest son Thomas died in 1845 aged 36. The only child to live a comparatively long life was Ann who died aged 56. John died on December 2nd 1838 of dropsy. He is buried [inscription] at All Saints Church with his son John who predeceased him and his widow Alice who died in 1850.




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