John Moorhouse was the only son of Thomas Moorhouse (1689-1748) and Isabel, and was baptised on 29th October 1729 in Skipton. This Catholic family of Skibeden were tenant farmers of The Lords of Skipton Castle (who were Protestants), and due to the unsettled era of the Stuart Rebellion in 1746 (a plot by the Catholic Bonnie Prince Charlie to seize the English throne) they moved to the White House in Elslack as tenants of Lady Bingley.  To see detailed locations of the farms in the Skipton area please go to Places/Skipton Area Map.



The farm was near Broughton Hall, home of the Tempest family, the leading Catholic family of the area.  John married Ellen Harrison on 21st June 1769 in Broughton.  Ellen Harrison lived at Brown House Farm which was later owned by their son John Moorhouse [1762 to 1838].

The couple had 4 children:

John (born 1762),
Ann (born 1769),
Mary (born 1772) and
Thomas (born 1775).



The family lived at The White House in Elslack.  John was renting land from The Tempest Estate in 1777 at a cost of 15 pounds.   For more details about the interaction of the Moorhouses and the Tempests please go to Places/Tempest Estate.





Ellen died on 1st January 1783, aged 37 years and John died February 17th 1807, aged 78 years. They are both buried at All Saints Church in Elslack and John is described as 'late of Elslack, grazier'. Also in this grave are their son Thomas, his wife Ann, Ellen (daughter of Thomas and Ann) and John (son of Thomas and Ann) and both his wives, there are a total of nine people in this grave!  for details about the Church and the various graves and inscriptions please go to Places/All Saints Church.






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