(September 1845-December 1845)

Samuel was the sixth and last-born son of Thomas Moorhouse (1808-1845) and Martha. He was born on the 22nd September 1845 in Broughton, eight months after the death of his father Thomas, age 36. He was probably born at The Bull Inn at Broughton, where the family had moved after the death of Thomas.

The family had been living at Heskiler farm [now marked on maps as Heslaker Farm] before Thomas' death. Martha must have found it very hard running the Inn and the small farm attached to it while bringing up her six sons and two stepdaughters. Thomas' mother Alice may have been living with the family as well, as she had been when the family were renting Hesliker farm. Samuel died of fits on 14th December 1845 aged 11 weeks.





He was buried at All Saints Church, Broughton, with his father.






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