Ann Haggas


Ann Moorhouse was born in December 1804 and was christened on the 26th December at Broughton Hall Catholic Chapel under her Latin name of Anna.  After 1815 (when her three sisters died within the month of May) she was the only surviving daughter of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice. 

She married James Haggas (a founder of the Keighley wool manufacturers) on 26th December 1825, at Broughton Hall Chapel. The couple's first son, William, was born in 1827 while they were living at Small House Farm, and their second son John was born in 1830 while they were living in Broughton.

Their next child, Mary, was born in Keighley in 1833.  Ellison Haggas, their third son, was born in 1836 [named after his Aunt Martha whose maiden name was Ellison]. Another daughter, Martha Ann, was born in 1840.  On the 1841 census they are living at Oakworth Hall in Keighley.  



Ellison Haggas died in 1841 aged 5 years and he is buried at St John the Evangelist Church Ingrow and according to Harry Speight his tomb reads

Farewell but not forever lovely boy
Thy father's life, thy loving Mother's joy
We saw the faces which adorned thy mind
Intent on leaving, dutiful and kind
Though death deprived us of the pleasing sight
We hope to meet thee in the realm of light

By 1845 Ann's two brothers had died and she was the sole survivor of her generation. On the 1851 census the family had moved to Hainworth House at Bingley with a fifth child, James Ellison, who was born in 1850.  His middle name of Ellison comes from his Aunt Martha Moorhouse, whose maiden name was Ellison and probably in memory of his brother who died in 1841.

Alice Moorhouse (Ann's Mother) gave her a family bible, and also a cross-stitched bookmark.  The Bible has an inscription in the front.

Another inscription at the end of the New Testament confirms the gift of the bible.  The bible was printed in 1816 and is dedicated to Catholics by the publishers. On Ann's death the bible was passed onto the family of Thomas Moorhouse and used to record family births and deaths.

Ann Haggas died in 1860 and as in the custom of Victorian times a brooch was made in her memory, the back of which contains some of her hair.  [For a full size image with inscription click here].

On the 1861 census James Haggas is still living at Hainworth House and describes himself as a "worsted spinner and manufacturer" employing 300 women and boys.  James Haggas died in 1864 at the age of 60.  They are buried together at St. John the Evangelist Church in Ingrow.  

In James Haggas' will he left the princely sum of £25,000.


Sir James Ellison Haggas

Ann and James' youngest son James Ellison was knighted in 1926 for public and charitable services in Keighley.

For 27 years he was the Chairman and President of the Keighley conservatives and Unionist association.

He was also a JP.

He is buried at Saint John the Evangelist church, Ingrow.






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