Thomas Moorhouse was born in 1809 the last child of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice and was baptised on the 26th March 1808 at Broughton Hall Chapel.

Three of his sisters died in 1815 when he was 7 and his only brother died when he was 17.
On the 28 June 1827 he married Sarah Blackburn in Gargrave. Sarah Blackburn was born on 17 December 1803, in Gargrave, and her parents were Margaret Turner and Joseph Blackburn.

The Moorhouse family were renting Hesliker Farm [called Heslaker on modern maps] from the Tempest Estate.  For details of locations see Places/Skipton Area Map and for details of rent see Places/Tempest Estate.

Sarah and Thomas had two daughters.  Ellen born on 15th May 1829 and baptised at Broughton Hall on 24 May 1829 under the Latin name of Ellena.  Their second daughter, Mary Ann was born on March 31st 1833 and was baptised 2 June 1833 at Broughton Hall Chapel. Sarah Moorhouse died in December 1833 and is buried at Gargrave Church.

  After Sarah's death Thomas married Martha Ellison on 31 March 1835 at Carlton in Craven, and their first son John was born on 14th May 1835. Martha and Thomas rented Hesliker farm from The Tempest estate and on the 1841 census Thomas' Mother Alice is living with them after the death of her husband John in 1838.

Martha and Thomas had five more sons [James 1837, Edward 1839, Thomas 1841, William 1843, Samuel 1845]. Samuel, was born after Thomas had died, at the age of 36, in 1845.

Unfortunately Samuel died at only 11 weeks old.

The year before Thomas died he was renting Hesliker Farm and The Bull Inn At Broughton from The Tempest Estate.   Thomas is buried at All Saints Church, Elslack, with his baby son, Martha and other family members.  Inscription.


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