James Ellison Moorhouse

(1874 - 1875)

James the first son of William and Angiolina Moorhouse was born on the 21st January 1874 at 43 Lowerhead Row in Leeds. His middle name comes from his Grandmother Martha Moorhouse whose maiden name was Ellison and James after his father's brother.

James died on the 24th October 1875 at Caroline Square, Skipton, (the home of Angiolina's sister Mary Jane Fattorini where Angiolina was visiting to show off her new month old baby Charles). 

James was a year and 9 months old and died of pneumonia.   He was buried the next day at St Stephen's Church in Skipton and a card was produced in remembrance. (Note the misspelling of Ellison).  I have not been able to find a headstone or engraving and I assume he is in the Porri or Fattorini plots.  See Places/St. Stephen's Church.






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