Thomas Moorhouse was born at Close House farm in 1607, the first-born son of Edward (1586-1643) and Ann, and was baptised in May of that year.

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He married Ann Taylor in 1637 when she was 20, and they had six children. The children (according to Henry Speight in "Upper Wharfedale")were:-

John (born 1650)
Ann (born 1649)
Thomas (1651)
Mary (1653)
William (1656)
Isabel (1658)


Thomas would have moved to the 'model farm' at Skibeden with his father in 1620 and he died at Skibeden in January 1661 and was buried on the 31st January 1661.  Ann Moorhouse died 37 years later in 1698 at the age of 81.  In her will she is described as "very aged".







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