Edward was born in 1586 and married Ann Buckoye in Skipton on the 20th July 1606. 

They had 10 children:-

Thomas (baptised May 1607),
Ann (baptised August 1609),
John (baptised December 1612),
Mary (baptised January 1615),
William (baptised March 1618),
Margaret (baptised October 1621),
Edward (baptised August 1624),
Nicholas (baptised January 1627),
Margaret (died 1672) and
Robert (baptised April 1631).

The family resided at Close House farm until 1620.

In 1620 Edward moved them across the valley to the "model farm"' at Skibeden [shown below], which he rented from The Lords of Skipton Castle.  To see the location of the farms see Skipton Area Map.

Edward Moorhouse died in December 1643.  Ann Moorhouse (his wife) died in 1654 at Skibeden.





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