Ellen Moorhouse was the first-born child of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice and was baptised on the 2nd October 1791 at Broughton Hall Chapel under the Latin form of Ellen, which is Helena.

On the 26th September 1814 she married Henry Bolton of Emmott Hall, Colne at Broughton. He was a cotton manufacturer.

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Ellen's husband, Henry Bolton, caught typhus fever inspecting a piece of infected cotton at Carleton.
His two sister-in-laws (Alice and Mary) caught the fever and then his wife.

Ellen died 29th May 1815, aged 23 years.
Her two sisters died earlier the same month of typhus fever.
Ellen is buried next to her sisters at All Saints Church, Elslack.

For details of the other sisters graves see Places/All Saints Church.









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