(1837- ?)

James Ellison Moorhouse was the second son of Thomas Moorhouse (1809-1845) and Martha. He was born on 24th March 1837 at Hesliker farm (which the family were renting from The Tempest Estate) and his middle name Ellison was after his Mother's maiden name.

After the death of Thomas in 1845 the family moved to The Bull at Broughton.

On the 1851 census James ia a border at Sedgley Park School in Wolverhampton.  This school was founded in 1763 for the Catholic education of boys whose parents were "in more confined circumstances".  His brother John also attended this school.

On the 1861 census he was living at The Bull with his mother and working as an assistant in a "Stuff" warehouse (I think this is related to the textile industry).  For more census information on the Bull Inn go to Census/Bull Inn.

On 10th June 1867 he married Anna Marie Wallace (who was born in Ireland) at Broughton Hall Chapel (their nearest Catholic Church). The couple had no children.  By the 1881 census the couple were living in Bradford and James was employed as a "Valvoline agent". James was visiting his brother in Leeds on the day of the 1891 census and his job was described as a "stuff merchant". On the 1901 census he was shown as a "dress and stuff" manufacturer's salesman or manager (difficult to read) and he is living in Shipley with his wife Ann.

The family letters of the Moorhouse family from their time at the Bull were handed down from James to his nephew Joseph (son of William) and then to his brother Ted (my Grandfather).


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