Alice Marshall was born in 1766 when her family lived at Small House Farm [which was later farmed by the Moorhouses - see below].  They were Roman Catholics.

Alice married John Moorhouse (1762-1838) in about 1790. They had six children, two sons and four daughters.

Three of their daughters, Ellen, Mary and Alice died within the month of May 1815 of typhus fever caught off Ellen's husband who was a cotton manufacturer. They are buried in separate graves at All Saints Church. Her elder son John died in 1825 aged 28.  For details of all the graves and inscriptions go to Places/All Saints Church.
John and Alice rented Small House Farm from the Tempest Estate and when John died in 1838 she went to live at Hesliker farm [now called Heslaker on modern maps] with her only surviving son Thomas and his family.  For further details see Places/Skipton Area map and Places/Tempest Estate.
In 1845 Thomas died and his family went to live at The Bull Inn at Broughton and it is likely that she lived with them there.  Details of the Bull Inn can be found at Businesses/Bull Inn.
Alice gave her last surviving daughter and child Ann Haggas [see Biographies/Ann Haggas], the family bible, which has an inscription in the front and a cross-stitched bookmark. Another inscription at the end confirms the gift of the bible. This inscription is also in a copy of' 'Upper Wharfedale' by Harry Speight.  The bible was printed in 1816 and is dedicated to Catholics by the publishers.  After Anne's death the bible was passed into the family of Thomas Moorhouse and was used to record family births and deaths.

Alice died in 1850 and was buried at All Saints Church with her husband and eldest son. For full details of graves and inscriptions please go to Places/All Saints Church.


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