Edward was the 3rd son of Thomas Moorhouse (1809-1845) and Martha, and was born on 14th February 1839 when the family were renting Hesliker farm [now called Heslaker Farm on modern maps] from the Tempest Estate.

After the death of his father Thomas in 1845 the family moved to The Bull at Broughton (which was also rented from The Tempest Estate) where Edward is shown as a scholar on the 1851 census. [See under Businesses/Bull Inn or Census/Bull Inn ].

On the 1861 census Edward is living at The Bull and is working as an assistant draper.  By 1871 Edward is managing The Bull at Broughton for his Mother Martha though she is still recorded as the Innkeeper at the age of 66.  Martha died on 28th December 1873 by falling from a dogcart and Edward becomes the Innkeeper at The Bull.

Edward married Alice Nutter (a local girl) on 22nd January 1874 at The Parish church at Skipton.  Alice and Edward had 4 children, Martha Ellen (born 1875), Ada Louise (born 1876), Henrietta Mary (born 1879), and Thomas Henry (born 1884).

On the 1881 census Edward is shown as the Innkeeper at The Bull with his family. Later that year his daughter Henrietta died and was buried with her Grandparents at All Saints Church.  Edward died from epilepsy, on 31st December 1885 at The Bull.  He had had epilepsy for 4 years.  He was buried at All Saints Church with his parents and his daughter.

In his Will he leaves a personal estate of £532.



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Edward's widow Alice continued to run the inn for another 15 years as shown by the 1891 census and the rental records at The Tempest Estate. The 1901 census shows she had moved to Skipton.






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