Thomas is the son of John Moorhouse (1729-1807) and brother of John Moorhouse (1762-1838). He married Ann Southwell of Haworth, and they had five children.
Thomas together with his brother John [1762 to 1838] paid tithes, over many years, to The Bolton Abbey Estate of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

They lived at the White House at Elslack, as tenants of Lady Bingley.   In the 1841 census Thomas is living there with his wife Ann, their son Thomas and his grand daughter.  To see details of the locations see Places/Skipton Area Map.

Anne dies in 1849.

By 1851 Thomas is living at The White House with his son John and John's wife Margaret and two granchildren (whose Mother Eleanor had died).  On the census of 1851 Thomas is recorded as farming 90 acres.

In 1861 Thomas is still head of the household and the farm size is 150 acres.  His son John and wife Margaret are living there together with two grand children.

Thomas died in 1863 and is buried with his parents and wife at All Saints Church, the grave with a total of nine in it!

It is interesting to note that Thomas was the Great Grandfather of Harry Speight a local historian and prolific writer, who wrote Upper Wharfedale in which there is a Moorhouse Family tree.


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