The Parish Church Of All Saints,

A church presence has existed on this site from Saxon times, as there was a Roman fort nearby.  There was probably a small building in the 10th century.  The present church has a Norman foundation from the 12th century, which was extensively rebuilt in the 15th century.  The Victorians also made many alterations to the church and the graveyard.




The Tempest family (of Broughton Hall), from whom the Moorhouse family rented farms and The Bull at Broughton, have been buried inside the church for just under 400 years.

Five generations of Moorhouses are buried in the graveyard dating from 1807 to 1910.  It is likely that the two previous generations are also buried here (as the Moorhouse family moved to this area of Skipton in 1746) but there are no headstones.

Grave 1

This is the grave of John Moorhouse (1729-1807) and his wife Ellen.

Also buried here are Thomas Moorhouse their son (1785-1863), and his wife Ann and some of their children and spouses. There are a total of nine people in this grave.  John Moorhouse (1809-1891) has both of his wives buried here!




Grave 2

This is the grave of Ellen Bolton, the daughter of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice.

The next two graves are her sisters and they all died within the month of May 1815.  They had all caught typhos fever off Ellen's husband.   The Brown house on this grave and the next two refers to the house where they were living.  





Grave 3

This is the grave of Alice Moorhouse daughter of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice and the sister of Ellen and Mary.



Grave 4

This is the grave of Mary Moorhouse daughter of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice and sister of Ellen and Alice.



Grave 5

This is the grave of John Moorhouse (1794-1825) brother of the three sisters above and son of John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and Alice (1766-1850) who are also buried in this grave.  The "Small House" on the grave refers to the farm where they were living.




Grave 6

This is the grave of Thomas Moorhouse (1809-1845) who died aged 36, his 2nd wife Martha (1805 -1873) and their baby son Samuel.  Also interred in this grave are Edward (1839-1875), son of Martha and Thomas and his daughter Henrietta.





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